East Greenwich, RI

Incorporated in 1677 along the western shore of Narragansett Bay, East Greenwich, originally Green Town, was named after Greenwich County of Kent, England.

The Old Kent County Courthouse, built in 1805, served as a seat of Rhode Island state government until 1854. Listed in the National Register of Historic Places, it is one of the five original state houses in Rhode Island and is recognized as one of the few surviving Federal/Georgian buildings of its size in the state. In the early 1990s it stood vacant and deteriorating, facing indefinite closure. Restoration began in 1993, and the courthouse was finally reopened as East Greenwich Town Hall in 1995.

Fig: East Greenwich1. Rocky Hollow Road

Access at Crompton Avenue Off Crompton Avenue, south of the Harbor Heights condominiums and next to a marina, is a public right-ofway to Greenwich Cove.

  • CRMC ROW#: H-2

2. Bridge Street

Access at Crompton Avenue A wide, grassy strip just north of the Harbor Heights condominiums on Crompton Avenue, this public rightof- way offers pedestrians access to Greenwich Cove. There is no parking available.

  • CRMC ROW#: H-5

3. East Greenwich Town Overlook and Boat Ramp

Situated off Water Street, next to the municipal transfer station, the municipal overlook and boat ramp offer both visual access and boating access to Greenwich Bay. Parking is available at the overlook, where you can reach the water’s edge by a flight of stairs or at the boat ramp.

  • Handicap access, dock, picnic tables/benches, fishing, trash receptacles

4. Barbara M. Tufts Playground

Off Water Street, just north of the municipal overlook, this town-owned play area offers fun for the kids and a spectacular view of Greenwich Cove and Goddard Park. Cement steps lead down to Greenwich Cove. Public parking is available.

  • CRMC ROW#: H-1
  • Picnic tables/benches, trash receptacles

5. Long Street Access at Water Street

This right-of-way is located on Water Street among several marinas. No on-site parking is available, but parking is available on Queen Street.

  • CRMC ROW#: H-3
  • Trash receptacles

6. King Street Access at Water Street

A public right-of-way located off Water Street, just south of Division Street, King Street ends at Greenwich Cove. A seafood restaurant is located here. No parking is available.

  • CRMC ROW#: H-4
  • Historic interest

7. Division Street Access at Water Street

This site is located next to the East Greenwich Yacht Club on Water Street. A five-minute walk from Main Street, this area is ideal for watching harbor activities. Goddard Park is located across the cove. Seafood restaurants are a short walk away.

  • CRMC ROW#: H-6
  • Picnic tables/benches, trash receptacles