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Charlestown, South Kingstown & Narragansett


1. Quonochontaug Breachway

A popular fishing spot for striped bass, winter flounder, snapper, and bluefish, this state-owned 49-acre parcel runs parallel to the east side of the Quonochontaug Breachway.

Parking is available at the end of West Beach Road for cars and boat trailers. The boat ramp located at this site provides access to Block Island Sound, but it is very dangerous due to swift currents running through the breachway. This site includes a RIDEM shellfish management area. A walk toward the wetland area fringing Quonochontaug Pond affords a beautiful view of the entire pond and some excellent bird watching.

2. Blue Shutters Town Beach

Located near the end of East Beach Road, this town-owned property offers many amenities such as showers, on-site pay parking, and concessions. This beautiful, wide, sandy beach is located just west of the Ninigret Conservation Area.

  • Picnic tables/benches, toilets, trash receptacles

3. Lavin's Landing Marina

Lavin’s Landing Marina, located on Meadow Lane, offers bait, tackle, and fuel for sale. Parking is available. Fee.

  • Dock

Fig: Charlestown4. East Beach/Ninigret State Facilities

At the east end of East Beach Road, a two-mile-long barrier beach separates Ninigret Pond from Block Island Sound. Ninigret Pond offers excellent windsurfing, canoeing, and shellfishing. This is also a RIDEM shellfish management area. Winter flounder, clams, quahogs, blue crabs, eel, and bay scallops can be found here in season. On the ocean side, a beautiful sandy beach is great for sunbathing or walking. Four-wheeldrive vehicles are allowed behind the dunes only with a RIDEM permit. Bring your binoculars: Waterfowl, wildlife, and shorebirds can be found, especially during the fall and spring migrations. Parking is available. Fee.

  • Handicap access, swimming, toilets, trash receptacles

5. Charlestown Breachway Beach and Boat Ramp

This state-managed parcel consists of approximately 2 acres. It is located off the west end of Charlestown Beach Road and borders Ninigret Pond on the north and Block Island Sound on the south. The area consists of a wide sandy beach on the ocean, a rock jetty, which is a popular fishing site, a recreational vehicle campground along the east arm of the breachway, and a wetland area bordering Ninigret Pond. This is a great family spot due to its guarded beach and close fishing opportunities. A boat ramp is located at the north end of the breachway on the pond. Activities include fishing, swimming, beach-walking, and windsurfing. Ninety parking spaces are available on site, and there is an entrance fee during the summer season.

  • CRMC ROW#: B-1
  • Picnic tables/benches, toilets, trash receptacles

6. Charlestown Town Beach

South of Charlestown Beach Road, a section of the beach is owned by the town and is open to the public. Pay parking is available for approximately 300 cars about 500 feet across the road from the beach.

  • Hiking/walking, trash receptacles

7. Shelter Cove Marina

Shelter Cove Marina is located on Charlestown Beach Road. Parking is available. Fee.

  • Dock, concessions

8. Perry Creek Accessway

This site consists of a small dirt road extending north from the town beach parking lot (off Charlestown Beach Road) to a sandy shoreline area bordering Perry Creek. The tidal creek links Ninigret Pond to Green Hill Pond. This site is suitable only for small craft and kayaks due to the shallowness of the creek. Across the creek on the north side is a small area with a concession stand, bait shop, ramp, small boat docks, and a good view of Ninigret Pond. Parking is available.

  • Fishing, wildlife observation

9. Ninigret National Wildlife Refuge

Located just off Route 1, bordering the northwestern side of Ninigret Pond, this 400-acre federally maintained site consists of grasslands, brush and shrub, uplands, freshwater ponds, salt marsh, a barrier beach, and a portion of the former Charlestown Naval Auxiliary Landing Field. There are two well-marked nature trails—a must for nature photographers and bird watchers. There is plenty of parking available. Watch out for poison ivy and ticks.

  • Handicap access, picnic tables/ benches, fishing, toilets, trash receptacles

10. Ninigret Park

A former naval air station, Ninigret Park is just north of the Ninigret National Wildlife Refuge. The park offers a wide variety of amenities, including nature trails, full-court basketball, volleyball, tennis, baseball, BMX bike courses, freshwater swimming, fitness trails, and a senior center. While the park does not offer direct shore access to Ninigret Pond, there is freshwater swimming available at Little Nini Pond. Plenty of parking is available. Wildlife is abundant here, as seen from the nature trails. The Frosty Drew Nature Center offers a series of nature programs.

  • Handicap access, picnic tables/ benches, concessions, historic interest, toilets, trash receptacles

Fig: Charlestown11. Fort Ninigret

Located at the end of Fort Ninigret Road, which extends south from Post Road, near Cross’ Mills, the site of Fort Ninigret occupies a bluff overlooking the northern end of Ninigret Pond. Once an Indian stronghold and trading center, the park is maintained as a memorial to the Narragansett and Niantic tribes. Although there is no access to the pond, this is a great place for picnicking, kite flying, or viewing the pond and barrier beach. Parking is limited.

  • Wildlife observation

12. Ocean House Marina

Located off Town Dock Road on Fort Neck Cove, Ocean House Marina is privately owned, but offers a public boat launch for a nominal fee. The marina is situated in a well-protected cove of Ninigret Pond in a picturesque setting. In addition to a boat ramp, Ocean House also has a bait shop, boat repair, and trailer parking for customers.

  • Handicap access, dock, picnic tables/benches, fishing, toilets, trash receptacles

South Kingstown

13. Green Hill Beach

Located off Green Hill Beach Road, this site is a sandy, dune-backed beach offering no parking. Most of the beach is lined with residences, condominiums, and other beachfront development. A right-of-way located here consists of a sandy path leading to Green Hill Beach.

  • Swimming

14. Trustom Pond National Wildlife Refuge

This 640-acre national wildlife refuge surrounds Rhode Island’s only undeveloped coastal salt pond. Access is from Matunuck Schoolhouse Road. From the parking area, threemiles of gently sloping foot trails weave through the refuge leading to points along the north shoreline of Trustom Pond. The site has three wildlife observation towers and is a beautiful place to visit each season of the year. Because it is a wildlife refuge, dogs, bicycling, horseback riding, and motorcycling are prohibited.

  • Picnic tables/benches, swimming, toilets, trash receptacles

15. Moonstone Beach

Part of the Trustom Pond National Wildlife Refuge, this is one of Rhode Island’s more isolated and beautiful beaches. The beach is fenced off at a mean high-water mark to protect the sand dune habitat and the endangered piping plovers that nest on the beach. The end of Moonstone Beach Road is a public right-of-way. No parking is available.

  • Swimming, hiking/walking

16. Roy Carpenter's Beach

Hidden by the dense bungalow community south of Cards Pond Road, this private beach is open to the public for a fee. A wooden pavilion, beach rentals, a general store, a snack bar, and parking for a fee are available.

  • Picnic tables/benches, toilets, trash receptacles

17. South Kingstown Town Beach

Where Matunuck Beach Road reaches the shore, there is a town beach facility with picnic areas, boardwalks, a playground, a volleyball court, and dirt paths leading to the beach. Several stores within walking distance carry food, sundries, and beach supplies. The parking facility accommodates approximately 80 vehicles. The beach charges a fee in the summer season, but is open to both town residents and nonresidents.

  • Handicap access, picnic tables/ benches, fishing, wildlife observation, toilets, trash receptacles

18. Deep Hole Fishing Area

Located near the end of Matunuck Beach Road, this small pocket of sandy beach is set aside for Rhode Island fishermen. However, compatible uses such as surfing are allowed. Parking is available for approximately 30 cars.

19. Ocean Avenue

At the narrow end of Ocean Avenue, a stair pathway leads down to the west end of East Matunuck State Beach. Though this is great beach access, no parking is available.

  • CRMC ROW#: D-4
  • Swimming, fishing, hiking/walking

20. Matunuck Management Area

Off Succotash Road, north of East Matunuck Beach, this area encompasses over 145 acres of salt marsh and wetlands on Potter Pond, Point Judith Pond, and Block Island Sound. Popular activities in this area include canoeing, bird watching, and fishing. It is an ideal setting to observe many migratory bird and waterfowl species in the fall and spring. On occasion, nature walks are offered through the area. Parking is available at the west end of the state beach lot for a fee.

  • Historic interest

21. East Matunuck State Beach

Located south of Succotash Road, this state beach is popular during the summer season for swimming and off-season for walking. From the pavilion, there is a beautiful view over the dunes of the Succotash Salt Marsh, a state-managed wetlands conservation area. On a clear day, Block Island is visible on the horizon. Public parking is available all year with a fee in the summer.

  • Handicap access, picnic tables/ benches, concessions, toilets, trash receptacles

22. Kenport Marina

Located on Succotash Road, this privately run marina has a boat ramp available to the public for a nominal fee. Parking for non-customers is available on a first-come first-served basis. A bait shop and ship store are also available. A restaurant and a fish market are situated nearby.

  • Dock, fishing, toilets, trash receptacles

23. Gooseberry Road Town Ramp

A town right-of-way at the end of Gooseberry Road, next to Channel Marina, this public access has an asphalt boat ramp in good condition. This site is not frequently used because there is no public parking available.

  • Trash receptacles

24. Pond Street Ramp

At the end of Pond Street, this marked right-of-way on Billington Cove, Point Judith Pond, is one of the town’s four public boat ramps. The site and the ramp are in good condition. The ramp is next to private marina facilities. No parking is available.

  • Dock, fishing

25. Marina Park

This municipal park, just south of Route 1, is located at the head of Point Judith Pond on Salt Pond Road, across the street from several marinas, a town boat ramp, and a restaurant. A large grassy area, formerly known as Heritage Field, is the site for a number of annual events such as carnivals and boat shows. Also in Marina Park is the URI Sailing Club. Beginning and intermediate sailing classes are offered during the summer. The public can join the URI Sailing Club for a nominal fee. There are benches available and 30 parking spaces.

  • Dock, trash receptacles


26. Long Cove Marina

Located west of Route 108, approximately one mile south of Route 1, this privately owned campground consists of 200 to 300 campsites for tents, campers, and recreational vehicles. There is public access to the boat ramp that leads to Point Judith Pond. Parking is available. Fee.

  • Picnic tables/benches, toilets, trash receptacles

27. Knowlesway Extension

At the end of Knowlesway Extension, west of Route 108, a paved right-ofway provides access to Point Judith Pond. This site consists of a small grassy park and a stairway to the pond.

  • CRMC ROW#: C-1
  • Picnicking, swimming, wildlife observation, hiking/walking, trash receptacles

28. Fisherman's Memorial State Park

West of Route 108, Fisherman’s Memorial State Park is a campground that has 182 campsites, three game fields, and two tennis courts. During the summer there is an entrance fee to the campgrounds, and advance reservations are recommended. There is a spectacular view of Point Judith Pond, Narragansett Bay, and Block Island Sound from the overlook platform located at the site of the old bunker, part of U.S. Army Fort Greene. During the summer, RIDEM holds evening nature education programs for the public. On the grounds’ northwest corner, a pathway leads to a state shellfish management area. Parking is available.

  • Handicap access, picnic tables/ benches, historic interest, fishing, toilets, trash receptacles

29. Galilee Bird Sanctuary

Located south of the Galilee Escape Road and across the street from Roger Wheeler State Beach is a 172- acre tidal wetland. This environmentally sensitive wetland habitat is ideal for bird watching. However, the area has no access except along its outer edge. No parking is available.

  • Fishing

30. Bluff Hill Cove

Access North of the Galilee Escape Road is an area of wetlands and tidal flats that is a state shellfish management area. It is one of the state’s most popular recreational shellfishing sites. Parking is available along the Galilee Escape Road.

  • Wildlife observation

31. Galilee at Great Island Bridge

Located off the Galilee Escape Road at the southeast end of the Great Island Bridge, this state-owned fishing access site has a boat ramp with parking for cars and trailers.

  • Dock, toilets

32. State Pier #3

In the heart of Galilee, next to the Block Island Ferry terminal, this state pier bustles with activity supporting the commercial fishing fleet and charter deep-sea fishing boats. Southland Ferry Cruises offers boat tours around Point Judith Pond during the summer. This site is extremely busy; limited parking is available on nearby streets. Ample pay parking is available throughout Galilee.

  • Concessions, toilets, trash receptacles

33. Block Island Ferry Terminal

The main ferry terminal for public transport to Block Island is located in Galilee. When the ferry is not at the dock, this site provides an interesting view of harbor activities. There is ample parking for a fee in nearby lots.

  • Handicap access, picnic tables/ benches, concessions, toilets, trash receptacles

34. State Pier #4

Across the breachway from the ferry terminal in Jerusalem, at the end of Succotash Road, a state-owned property and pier provide access to the main channel of Point Judith Pond. This is a popular spot for recreational finfishing that can be reached by following Succotash Road to its end in Jerusalem. Jerusalem is part of Narragansett and was once connected to Galilee in the 1800s before the U.S. Army Corps constructed the permanent breachway in its present location. Parking is available.

35. Salty Brine State Beach

This small state beach is within the confines of the protected Point Judith Harbor of Refuge. The adjacent breachway, which is stabilized by rock jetties, connects Point Judith Pond to the sea. The rock jetties provide access for fishing or for the sure-footed who want to watch the activities in the harbor. Divers also frequent the area to dive for lobsters and observe the underwater world along the rocky shore. From here, one can walk to Sand Hill Cove Beach, a mile to the east. Although on-site parking is available, the small parking lot fills quickly on nice days.

  • Concessions, toilets, trash receptacles

36. Roger Wheeler State Beach

Popularly known as Sand Hill Cove Beach, this state-owned beach is located at the east end of Sand Hill Cove Road. A great place for the family, the beach offers ample parking (at least 1,500 spaces), lifeguards, changing facilities, toilets, picnic areas, concessions, and playground equipment. This site is a safe place for swimming because of the long, wide, sandy beach and breakwaterprotected, calm waters. Fee.

  • Handicap access, picnic tables/ benches, hiking/walking, trash receptacles

37. Point Judith State Park

Formerly Camp Cronin, a military camp, this site has a long rocky shoreline fronting the Atlantic Ocean near the Point Judith Lighthouse and is a good spot for surf fishing. Block Island is visible in the distance. This site also provides access to the east arm of the Harbor of Refuge breakwater, a popular fishing area. On-site parking is available.

  • Swimming, hiking/walking, wildlife observation, toilets

38. Point Judith Lighthouse

At the southern end of Ocean Road stands the Point Judith Lighthouse, an octagonal brick building erected in 1816. The lighthouse, which is still in use, is not open to the public. The grassy slope around the lighthouse has a fine view of the ocean where, two miles off the coast, the last German U-boat was sunk during World War II. Beware of the loud foghorn sounding out to the passing ships on foggy days. On a good day you will find many of Rhode Island’s best surfers in the water. Parking is available nearby.

  • Hiking/walking

39. Rose Nulman Memorial Park

Adjacent to the Point Judith Lighthouse, this park provides scenic ocean views and has ample parking.

  • Picnic tables/benches

40. Pilgrim Avenue Extension

Just north of Point Judith, at Pilgrim and Calef avenues (Pole 17), is a scenic right-of-way that consists of a paved roadway about 50 feet wide and 166 feet long that extends eastward to a cobble beach. This is one of several road ends in the area that offers surfing access.

  • CRMC ROW#: C-2

Fig: Narragansett41. Calef Avenue

A right-of-way just north of Point Judith at Pole 8, this site consists of a grassy strip 50 feet wide and 140 feet long, extending east from the intersection of Louise Avenue and Calef Avenue to a cobble beach. No parking is available.

  • CRMC ROW#: C-3

42. Conant Avenue Road End

This scenic right-of-way overlooks the ocean and consists of a rocky shoreline with a path used by surfers and kayakers. No parking is available.

  • CRMC ROW#: C-7
  • Fishing

43. Scarborough State Beach

One of the state’s most popular beaches, this facility has gazebos, picnic areas, benches, a wooden boardwalk with concessions, changing facilities, toilets, and showers. The wide sandy beach is ideal for swimming, walking, and a variety of oceanside activities. Includes Scarborough South Side, which offers access to grassy playing fields and tailgating. Ample on-site parking is available and accessible from Ocean Road. Fee.

  • Handicap access, trash receptacles

44. Black Point

Located off Ocean Road, just north of Scarborough State Beach, this state fishing area consists of a wooded dirt path that extends toward the Bay from a parking lot just north of the old stone carriage house ruins. The path leads to a dramatic rocky shore of boulders and tide pools. This is a great place to relax and throw out a fishing line, but use caution when walking out on the rocks, particularly during periods of high waves. On-site parking is available.

  • CRMC ROW#: C-5 (on appeal)
  • Wildlife observation

45. Bass Rock Road

A right-of-way extending east of Ocean Road, this site is difficult to find because it is unmarked and can be easily confused with the many private driveways in the area. The site offers a terrific view of Narragansett Bay and the Atlantic Ocean and is often used by recreational fishermen. Beware of treacherous wave conditions and dangerous rocky shoreline.

  • CRMC ROW#: C-6
  • Trash receptacles

46. Newton Avenue

At the end of Newton Avenue, off Ocean Road, a well-worn footpath leads to a dramatic rocky shore. This is a site where ancient bedrock, known as Narragansett Pier granite, surfaces. Fishing and wildlife observation are popular but dangerous due to treacherous waves and slippery rocks.

  • CRMC ROW#: C-13
  • Trash receptacles

47. Hazard Avenue

This site, a right-of-way at the end of Hazard Avenue, off Ocean Road, consists of a well-worn footpath to spectacular granite rock formations. Fishing is popular but dangerous due to the treacherous waves and slippery rocks.

  • CRMC ROW#: C-9
  • Trash receptacles

48. State Pier #5 (Tucker's Dock)

Located off Ocean Road, near the well and the intersection of South Pier Road, this site offers boat launching, fishing, surfing, and a scenic view of Narragansett Bay. Parking is available for about 15 cars. There is also a bulkhead with pilings to tie up to in a small, usually wellprotected cove. This site is commonly known as Monahan’s Dock. The ramp is steep and slippery at low tide.

  • Concessions, historic interest, trash receptacles

49. Ocean Road

A walkway extends 0.8 mile from Narragansett Beach south along Ocean Road, under the Towers, to State Pier #5 (Tucker’s Dock). This is a popular place to walk, to watch the sunrise, or to sit on the wall and watch the passersby. When the wind is blowing and the surf is up, this area is populated with surfers. Free parking is available along Ocean Road but fills up quickly on hot summer days.

  • Concessions, fishing, trash receptacles

50. Casino Park

Located off Route 1A, across the street from Narragansett Town Beach, this grassy area with a distinctive gazebo offers an ocean view and is the site of concerts and art shows during the summer. There is limited parking along Ocean Road. A variety of shops and restaurants is nearby. The area may be reserved for special events for a fee.

  • Picnic tables/benches, trash receptacles

51. Narragansett Town Beach

Located off Route 1A, this is a very popular summer beach spot. The wide, sandy beach is perfect for walking, sunning, picnicking, swimming, kayaking, and surfing. The town offers seasonal fitness classes, concerts, beach camps, junior lifesaving programs, and special events. There is a parking lot for which a fee is charged during the summer daytime hours. A beach pavilion and changing rooms are available, but there is a rental fee. A shopping area containing several restaurants, public restrooms, and a grocery store is located nearby. Fee.

  • Handicap access, picnic tables/ benches, fishing, trash receptacles

52. Canonchet Farm

Located off Route 1A, opposite Narragansett Town Beach, Canonchet Farm offers hiking trails and fishing in salt ponds bordering Pettaquamscutt Cove. South County Museum is located here and contains articles of early Rhode Island life and industry. There are also an animal petting farm and plenty of parking on the grounds. The museum is open in the summer, beginning May 1, Wednesday through Saturday, 11 a.m. to 4 p.m.

  • Wildlife observation, toilets, trash receptacles

53. Narrow River Inlet

Just east of Sprague Bridge, on the south side of the Narrow River inlet, is a small parking area and a path to the tidal waters of the Narrow River. This site offers access to a popular fishing site underneath the bridge and an excellent place to launch a kayak.

  • Trash receptacles

54. Old Sprague Bridge

Overlook East of Scenic Route 1A is the site of Old Sprague Bridge. The bridge abutments provide a view of the Pettaquamscutt Refuge and the Narrow River. Depending on tidal conditions, this area can be quite populated with shore birds. This is a nice site for a picnic or a fishing excursion. There is parking available for cars on both sides of the river.

  • Handicap access

55. Middle Bridge

Seasonal fishing is popular from the causeway and bridge over the Narrow River. At the southwest end of the bridge there is a path to the Narrow River identified by a historic marker. There is restricted parking along Middlebridge Road and at the east end of the bridge on a private lot for a fee. Kayak rentals are on the east side of the bridge.

  • Trash receptacles

56. Pettaquamscutt Cove National Wildlife Refuge

Along the southeastern shore of the Narrow River, this federally designated national wildlife refuge contains over 150 acres of tidal marshes, mudflats, and estuary and is home to the black duck. An access road leads off the west side of Scenic Route 1A just north of the bridge over the Narrow River. This is a great place to have a picnic and watch the sun set over the river. Parking is available.

  • Fishing

57. Narrow River Boat Ramp (South Kingstown)

This state-owned boat ramp is in good condition and offers several parking spaces. Take Middlebridge Road to Pollock Avenue. Boaters should be aware that Narrow River has several bridges along its length that could pose an obstacle to boats with high superstructures or towers. Parking is available.

  • Fishing

58. Route 1A Overlook

A parcel of land owned by the R.I. Department of Transportation and known as The Overlook extends from Boston Neck Road (Route 1A) eastward to the shore of Narragansett Bay. The lot is just south of Browning Drive. It slopes steeply down to the shore so that when it is mowed it provides a spectacular view of the lower West Passage. No on-site parking is available.

  • Wildlife observation, hiking/walking

59. Pettaquamscutt Park (South Kingstown)

High over the Narrow River is the historic site of the original purchase of surrounding lands by British colonists from three sachems of the Narragansetts in 1657. There is a trail to the top of the rock and a sweeping view of the Narrow River. The trail starts at the town park at the base of the rock. Parking on the road is restricted.

  • Historic interest, hiking/walking, trash receptacles, picnic tables/ benches

60. Pettaquamscutt Avenue

This right-of-way at the end of Pettaquamscutt Avenue may be used as a ramp to launch small boats or kayaks. Due to the shallow depth of the Narrow River, this site is best used at high tide.

  • CRMC ROW#: C-10

61. South Ferry Road

The old Jamestown ferry landing at the end of South Ferry Road off Route 1A also consists of a small cobble beach on the West Passage. Dutch Island, Jamestown, and the Jamestown Bridge may be seen in the distance. This is a multi-use site for swimming, fishing, boating, and windsurfing. The site is adjacent to the URI Graduate School of Oceanography. Parking is available.

  • CRMC ROW#: C-8