Bristol Town Common

The Town Common is the site for numerous activities at all times of the year. Summer basketball leagues, the softball diamond, lighted tennis courts, a children's playground, and an old-time bandstand are some of the features.

Bristol's Common is located one block east of Hope St., border by Wood and High Streets on the east and west, respecively. State Street runs along the North edge and Church runs along the Common's South side.

Scenic 17th century Town Common and park with Gardens, Cemeteries & Landscapes. In 1811 the Town decided the cemetery on the Town Common was to be extended to the east across Wood Street.  The burial ground on the Common became the West Burial Ground, the newly extended section between Wood and First School Street, originally set-off as commonage for the grazing of livestock, became known as the East Burial Ground. Across from the Town Common with access to the park, schools, downtown restaurants, library, post office, banks, shopping etc. Bristol County Statehouse/ Courthouse is located on the Edge of Town Common.

Direction Of Bristol Town Common, Bristol, RI

Take Route 95 to Route 195 East.  Route 195 East to Route 114 South.  Stay on 114 for about 10-15 miles.  You will pass through a couple of small, often crowded, towns... Barrington first, then Warren, and then historic downtown Bristol.  You will see Bristol Harbor on your right just before you enter historic downtown Bristol.  In the middle of downtown, take a left on either State Street or Church Street.  Bristol Common is one block parallel to Route 114.  Route 114 is called Hope Street in Bristol - the center line of Hope Street is painted Red-White and Blue - if you get lost, follow the red-white and blue center line until it ends - this will eventually bring you right past the common (albeit by a slightly different route).


Bristol Town Common
Wood Street, 328 High St,
Corner High and Church Streets, Bristol, RI, 02809