Wireless Zone

1 Waseca Avenue, Barrington, RI, US, 02806
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Wireless Zone

At the dawn of the cell phone age, Wireless Zone® founder Russ Weldon started an instantly successful business called "The Car Phone Store" in Wethersfield, CT, in 1988.

From the moment it opened, it was a model that begged to be replicated. But Weldon knew it would be a challenge to find high quality managers for multiple locations, and he was certain that engaging customer service was as integral a part of the winning formula as carrying an in-demand product.

Developing a franchising model made it possible to find owner-operators with a vested interest in the success of their locations – the kinds of individuals who would get involved in the community and develop marketing programs that would drive customers into the store for their all-important first visit. From there, they could be won over to be repeat customers for life. Their original stores report still serving some of the same people who bought their first phones back in the late 1980s, and they continue to be loyal customers.

At that time, few people knew what cellular was all about and a stand-alone wireless store was truly a unique idea. People were used to finding out about cellular services at huge, impersonal big box electronics stores that also sold stereos, air conditioners and microwaves, a model that didn’t lend itself to answering questions about the technology and its features.

They changed their name to Wireless Zone in 1999 in order to convey more clearly the products that they sold then and still offer. Today they sell all the latest cellular/wireless phones, GPS navigation, wireless accessories, Verizon FIOS High Speed Fiber Optic Network, Wireless Data Devices and pre-paid cellular services.

At Wireless Zone, they help grandfathers, new moms, business people, and everyone else find the wireless services that fit their lifestyles. Beyond offering the most current phones and other wireless devices, they have a myriad of services that make it even more convenient to be a Wireless Zone customer. If you want a new phone with more features, they can help you automatically transfer information and photos from your existing phone. Wireless broadband cards allow customers to access broadband Internet service from virtually anywhere, and texting has become almost as popular as calling among many of their customers. At Wireless Zone, they take the time to listen to you, and they take pride in giving you the quality service and personal attention that you will not find at crowded, impersonal cell phone stores.