Golden Road Studios

7 Dixon Avenue, Bristol, RI, 02809
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Golden Road Studios

Golden Road Studio can tailor your session to whatever level of project you may be looking for. They can produce anything from a raw sounding live demo to a full production CD. For that live sounding demo disk, you could be walking out of the studio in one day with a demo quality disk! Some people have said that they have spent countless hours in other studios trying to get out of their project what they have gotten out of Golden Road in a fraction of the time.

To prepare for a Recording session, you should try to get used to playing your music through headphones as opposed to  listening to loud monitors. You should expect to monitor everyone through a pair of headphones. For sound quality you  won’t be playing at a very loud level in the studio. They have the ability to provide individual headphone mixes for up to 6 people.

You will have the option to record a total live session to have the ability to leave with a CD in your hand. This recording process is adequate for a demo quality CD for Club owners. This estimate of time is based on someone who knows their material well & does not need punchin’s or retakes. This estimate of time is also based on basic instrumentation & limited overdubs.