Schultz Medical Transcription

PO Box 1272, 647 Metacom Avenue, Bristol, RI, 02809
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Schultz Medical Transcription

Schultz Medical Transcription Service has been operating at their present location in Bristol, Rhode Island for over twelve years.  All of the equipment is housed, operated and maintained within this location. They do not use any second party transcription service and their employees accomplish all of the transcription.

They operates two Dictaphone Enterprise Express voice recording dictation/transcription systems that are phone line based and can handle up to twenty four providers dictating at one time. One of these systems can also handle any number of dictators via the Internet.  In addition, they operate a DVI voice recording dictation/transcription system that is Internet based using a secure FTP site with 128-bit encryption.  This system does not limit the number of dictators able to dictate simultaneously.

All medical treatment facility providers and necessary staff are given instruction and training to ensure a seamless transition to the equipment being provided by Schultz Medical Transcription Service.  They will provide all training needed at the location specified by the medical treatment facility.

SMTS’s Quality Assurance Supervisor is a Certified Medical Transcriptionist who has an extensive background in typing medical record/radiology reports.