Lighthouse Consulting Group, Inc.

50 Water Street, Warren, RI, US, 02885
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Lighthouse Consulting Group, Inc.

Lighthouse is a network of coastal management practitioners with deep national and international experience.

Practitioners are those that have operational experience solving real world problems. Their cadre of practitioners is selected based on their field experiences, geographic focus and shared common beliefs. They seek to strike a blend of practitioners who hold to Lighthouse's strategic mission, while representing a global diversity and have an eagerness to share synergistic field experiences among our network(s).

They believe Lighthouse's network harnesses a diverse set of skills and knowledge areas critical to the success of any coastal management initiative. These experiences are based on a range of field experiences throughout the world. Their practitioners have worked at local, national, regional and international scales levels to introduce, develop and apply the process of integrated resource management.

Lighthouse's focus is on coastal resources and their watersheds. The team at Lighthouse believes that healthy ecosystems are a essential part of society and that coastal areas and their watersheds are particularly vulnerable and vitally important.

Although coastal lands are less than one-fifth of the inhabited land space, they contain almost half of today's global population of five billion people. The proportion of the world's people that will live along coastlines is expected to increase three-quarters by mid-century.