Thurston Sails, Inc.

112 Tupelo Street, Bristol, RI, US, 02809
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Thurston Sails, Inc.

After serving your boat for another season out on the water, your sails look forward to the fall and winter to get out of the sun, have salt removed, and have minor blemishes and stains repaired and removed. Thread and stitching can also deteriorate, especially  in areas of chafe. Part of Thurston Sails standard service is to check all points of attachment and check for broken stitching and other normal wear and tear.

Your sails are thoroughly examined by our experienced service team. They look for, among other things, broken stitches, batten pocket wear, UV damage, sunshield condition and the overall condition of the cloth.

Minor repairs are performed and all new tell tales are attached. If more than the standard repair is needed, then Thurston Sails, Inc. will contact you for authorization. An estimate will be given for the recommended service needed and/or a quote for a recut or new sail as well. Sails are then washed, rinsed and hung to dry and then properly bricked and stored in their upstairs loft area.