TRI-MACK Plastics Manufacturing Corporation

66 Tupelo Street, Bristol, RI, 02809
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TRI-MACK Plastics Manufacturing Corporation

For more than 30 years, Tri-Mack Plastics Manufacturing Corporation has been at the forefront of high-performance thermoplastics manufacturing.  Originally established in 1974 to manufacture aircraft engine friction-wear plastic parts, the company has grown to become the industry’s authority in identifying the best material, part design and manufacturing process for the job.  Tri-Mack’s extensive materials knowledge begins with Edward J. Mack, the company’s founder and a pioneer in polymer chemistry and tribology (material friction, wear and toughness).  This material expertise allows Tri-Mack to participate in a program from initial concept to commercial production.  We pride ourselves on our engineering support, which includes material selection, part design assistance, and process development.


  • Plastic Injection Molding

Tri-Mack specializes in the injection molding of high temperature engineering thermoplastics, such as PEEK, Torlon, Ultem, Amodel, and PPS.

Tri-Mack has a full range of injection molding presses from 28 to 600 tons. They also have insert molding and overmolding capabilities to support your part requirements.

  • Precision Machining

Tri-Mack offers precision machining including CNC milling, CNC turning, and screw machining. They produce tight tolerance components from high performance engineering plastics such as Vespel, PEEK, Torlon, and Teflon (PTFE).

The combination of molding and machining enables Tri-Mack to offer you the most cost-effective manufacturing solution.

  • Plastic Injection Mold Tool Making

Tri-Mack designs and builds custom plastic injection mold tooling using state-of-the-art CAD/CAM and CNC equipment.

  • Assembly and Finishing

Tri-Mack adds value by supplying complete assemblies and kits, including functional testing. They offer ultrasonic assembly and NADCAP certifed bonding.


  • Part Producibility

Whether your project is a metal-to-plastic conversion or a brand new part, you can rely on Tri-Mack’s high performance engineering plastics expertise to guide you from design to production.

  • New Product Introduction

Tri-Mack’s NPI procedure is their guide to custom plastic part development and the key to a successful product launch.

  • Computer Aided Design & Mold Flow

Tri-Mack uses state-of-the-art solid modeling to assess producibility, design tooling, and develop CNC machining processes.

Products & Technology

  • Maxton

Tri-Mack’s ultra high performance self-lubricated bearing materials combine unparalleled friction wear capabilities with
the economies of injection molding.

  • SLiP

Tri-Mack’s Self-Lubricated Pin technology is a design and manufacturing process that  lowers cost in your pivot pin applications.

  • EZ Fit Bushing

Tri-Mack’s patented EZ Fit bushing design allows for ease of assembly and replacement of thermoplastic bushings.


Tri-Mack’s innovative engineering of precision plastic components is based on over 30 years of manufacturing experience using engineering thermoplastics. From self-lubricated plastic bushings to structural aerospace plastic parts, Tri-Mack uses many different standard and custom compounds depending on the application.  Some of these compounds include carbon fiber filled, glass fiber filled, and PTFE filled thermoplastics. Tri-Mack uses materials from all of the major plastics suppliers insuring that the best material is used for each application.

Industries Served

Working in the most demanding industries, Tri-Mack has proven itself as an innovative, cost-effective supplier of high temperature thermoplastic components for critical applications. Their responsive, customer-focused team works together to insure that they deliver in spec components on time and on budget.