Magnetic Seal Corporation

365 Market Street, Warren, RI, US, 02885
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Magnetic Seal Corporation

Since 1954 Magseal has engineered and manufactured the highest quality magnetic and spring seals.  Our seals are routinely used by leading Aerospace and Automotive manufacturers in their most demanding high performance Aerospace and Formula One racing applications.

Cost of a premature failure in replacement parts and maintenance time can far exceed the cost of the seal itself, not to mention revenue lost to down time of equipment.  When you specify Magseal you get the knowledge, experience and proven expertise needed to design, prototype, value engineer and manufacture the highest quality seal solutions. This can significantly reduce the risk of failure, ensure that your designs perform to spec and lower maintenance and repair costs.

Magseal stands apart in the industry.  The ownership and management continuously commit to excellence.  Please take the time to read about our people and their deep experience in the aerospace industry.  You will see why we are the Industry’s partner of choice for high quality seal solutions that meet and exceed our customer’s requirements.