All Star Adhesive Products

30 Cutler Street, Warren, RI, US, 02885
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All Star Adhesive Products

All*Star Adhesive Products, Inc. is a family owned and operated business. They are in business to help their customers with products and ideas that will help them to succeed in their industry. They have been able to provide fabricators with materials that have helped them to improve production. They have helped graphic shops by providing supplies at lower costs.  And they have presented all of their customers with ideas and concepts that help to create value.

All*Star has become a leading provider of products and feedback for two industries, gasketing products for CNC routers and v-groove tape for v-grooving and coving applications. They have accomplished this by doing one thing very well: listening to the needs of their customers.

Their gasketing product line started more than a decade ago with one item. They now supply over 100 unique items to customers across the globe.  Just as important as supplying quality products,  they have become a source of knowledge and answers to their customers.  There in not an organization nor individual that knows more about CNC gasketing than the people at All*Star.

The v-groove product line came about in a very similar manner. Their customers were v-grooving and coving a variety of surfaces.  By asking questions and hearing their problems,  they have learned that different surfaces and applications require different adhesive tapes.