Natural Form Sleep Systems

488 Main Street (Route 114), Warren, RI, US, 02885-4370
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Natural Form Sleep Systems

WCW Inc., makers of the Natural Form Sleep System, has been giving people clinically proven, pressure-free sleep since the early 1990s. What began as pressure relieving surfaces to help hospitals prevent and treat bed sores has evolved into a successful business helping people enjoy a good night’s rest at home and beyond.

The Natural Form pressure relieving mattress is clinically proven to be the world's best bed: Over 500,000 used by critical care units in over 800 hospitals worldwide; another 75,000 beds in the Hilton Garden Inns. They offer the best true warranty in the industry at 20 years and a full 90 night risk-free in-home sleep trial.

Imagine no more endless tossing and turning, no more morning aches and pains, and no more back pain and stiffness from an improperly supporting mattress.

Now you can experience the therapeutic, pressure-free support technology used by many of today’s top medical centers – in your own home.