The Corliss Institute

292 Main Street, Warren, RI, US, 02885
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The Corliss Institute

The Corliss Institue is a unique community for deaf adults that helps them to become intergrated members of society, with a day program that incudes weekly activities and events, residential services, community outreach, and assistance in finding and keeping jobs.

The Corliss Institute, Inc. was established as a Rhode Island 501(c)(3) tax exempt organization in 1982. Its broadly-stated mission of service to the deaf community inspired a dedicated group of volunteers, but its ability to pursue its mission in its first few years was limited by a lack of office space, employees and funding.

Their Mission

The Mission of Corliss Institute, Inc. is to provide social, habilitation and employment services to deaf people with diverse disabilities and others with unique communication needs in an independence and empowerment-based model that facilitates living, learning and working successfully as integrated members of the community.

Core Values

  • In pursuing its mission, Corliss adheres to the following core values:
  • Dignity:  safeguard each individual's inherent right to privacy and respect.
  • Individuality:  acknowledge and build upon the unique characteristics and abilities of each individual.
  • Service:  provide prompt, professional service and support in a natural environment best suited to each individual.
  • Community:  foster a sense of belonging within the immediate and larger communities.
  • Leadership:  exemplify and advocate for the highest standards of clinical practice, legal/ethical treatment and innovation within their field.