Rachel Sokla: Photographer

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Rachel Sokla: Photographer
My work is based on my desire to use photography to forge links between people, and to build greater understanding across social divides. I use photography as a way to interact with people; to listen to their stories. Over the past years this approach has been the basis of several projects. In 2005-6 I lived and photographed in Cuba for a year, where I worked with diverse groups of people from Santería priests in Havana to remote farming communities. Earlier this year I travelled to Chiapas, Mexico to work with a group of indigenous photographers. There I learnt about their unique relationships with photography and running a series of workshops on the theme of tourism. And yet turning my lens to my home town of Bristol has been in many ways the most rewarding project of all. The vibrant diversity of this city has been a continual inspiration. Recently I have been working with several squatter communities; looking at how life can blossom from neglect, and how the Credit Crunch already has its own poppy fields. PLEASE SEE www.rachelsokal.com FOR A SELECTION OF PHOTOGRAPHS FROM BRISTOL AND BEYOND!