Craquelure, LLC, Bristol, RI, 02809
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Craquelure is an art conservation studio specializing in the conservation of paintings, decorative art objects and painted objects.

Standard Services

  • Photography

Each piece of art is extensively photographed before, during and after treatment. These photographs are invaluable for informational, sale and insurance purposes.

  • Examination

Each piece is examined under magnification and under various lighting arraignments, including ultraviolet light.

  • Documentation

A report of examination is developed for each piece, which describes construction materials, details of any damages, and previous restoration. A second report is created at the end of the treatment listing all materials used.

Special Services

  • Photography may be ordered separately for personal use such as sale, insurance, appraisal, inventory and other purposes
  • Examination reports may be ordered without treatment for inventory, insurance or other purposes
  • Surveys for museums and private collections
  • Storage consultations
  • Packing and crate building for art
  • Assistance with installation and deinstallation of exhibits
  • Community Education
  • Lectures and consultation on materials, examination, storage or conservation available