Barrington Christian Academy

9 Old County Road, Barrington, RI, US, 02806
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Barrington Christian Academy

Barrington Christian Academy was founded in 1979 by the Barrington Baptist Church.  The school began with fifty students in grades 1-8. Today, in 2010, their enrollment is 197 students in grades K-12. They are governed by an independent school board of eight members representing several area churches. Their student body comes from over 20 communities in Rhode Island and nearby Massachusetts and represents over 40 churches.  They received their accreditation from the Association of Christian Schools International in 1998 and added a new wing onto their building in 1999, allowing them to improve their educational facilities and expand their enrollment. In 2005 they earned accreditation renewal from ACSI and also earned accreditation from the New England Association of Schools & Colleges. They have just opened another new wing of their school to house their high school classes, a brand new library/media center, and a beautiful new music room to enhance their arts program.

Students who enroll in BCA’s high school will need to be willing to work hard, desire to be part of the unique Christian community that exists at the school, and take an active part in the learning process. They will need to commit themselves to living according to the school’s moral standard of excellence based on biblical principles.

Mission Statement

The Upper School of Barrington Christian Academy combines a challenging, faith-based liberal arts curriculum with clear moral direction and leadership training to fulfill the goal of Philippians 2:5. Dedicated to the development of the minds, bodies, and souls of all BCA students, the Academy not only presents a Christian worldview, but also provides guidance and opportunity in understanding and experiencing a life well-lived through Christ.

BCA's rigorous curriculum is founded firmly on biblical truth and on the liberal arts traditions that value learning, the refinement of thought and the enhancement of character to liberate and charge the individual with a global responsibility for and a local commitment to Christian service. BCA is committed to developing in students an awareness of their Christian capacity as well as the practical skills and core knowledge on which further learning must be based to establish a global perspective and a victorious position in it.

In fulfilling its Mission, BCA:

  • Emphasizes its Core Values
  • Seeks motivated students who are compatible with a Christian worldview and who demonstrate the aptitude and perseverance necessary for success in a strong academic program.
  • Seeks to fully integrate the unity of God's truth in all knowledge to further demonstrate the viability of a Christ-centered worldview.
  • Attracts and retains Christian faculty members by offering appealing challenges, compensation and benefits.
  • Supports students and faculty through a structured mentoring process that will constantly reaffirm the value, strengths, and development of the individual and the school community.
  • Instructs students to think and communicate clearly, to act with conviction and integrity, and to grow in the grace and knowledge of Jesus Christ.
  • Encourages and trains students to assume positions of leadership.
  • Offers athletic programs emphasizing a commitment to teamwork, enjoyment of competition, Christ-honoring sportsmanship and physical development.
  • Provides opportunity for the use of contemporary technology integrated into a traditional curriculum.