Full Channel Television

57 Everett Street, Warren, RI, US, 02885
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Full Channel Television

More than 45 years ago, John Donofrio had a vision for cable in Rhode Island’s East Bay. He founded Full Channel in 1965 and began working immediately to develop the palaform which would become cable television in Rhode Island.  In 1982 Full Channel opened its doors on Everett Street in Warren. Today, his daughter, Linda Jane Maaia, son-in-law William Maaia and grandson Levi Maaia; run the company that he founded. Full Channel is now positioned to expand its service into East Providence, which would give it access to another 22,000 homes.

In spite of increased competition, Full Channel is still the entrenched local provider with a nearly 30-year history of serving the community. John Donofrio was a supporter of innovative cable technologies. “Full Channel was the first company in the state to offer pay-per-view,” explained Levi Maaia. “In mid-1982, Full Channel had addressable cable boxes, so we could offer premium services with the press of a button.” Linda Maaia added that her father was also an early supporter of high-speed cable modem technology.

Today, Full Channel offers more than 80 channels in its standard tier. It has a robust lineup of hundreds of digital and high-definition channels and offers a DVR product as well as high-speed Internet access. “I’m in awe of what my father created from nothing,” Linda Maaia said. “For me, it’s amazing that he could have a vision of what the future might be, and then make that happen at a grass-roots level.”