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Finance Department

10 Court Street, Bristol, US

The Finance Department is responsible for the collection of Town taxes, the payment of bills and processing of payroll for Town employees.The Department is also responsible for recording and maintaining the Town's financial records, as well as managi ...

Police Department

395 Metacom Avenue, Bristol, RI , US, 02809

Police Department The Bristol Police Department began with night watch patrols in the early 1890s. During this time, officers worked out of the Town Hall located at the Burnside Building on Hope Street. Headquarters was moved to its current location in 1978. Headquart ...

Fire and Rescue Department

PO Box 775, Bristol, RI , US, 02809

Fire and Rescue Department In addition to protecting the approximately 22,000 citizens of Bristol, Fire and Rescue Department also protect about 15 miles of coastline (over 10.5 square miles of water), as well as over 4,000 students (about 80% living on campus) at Roger Willia ...

Water Pollution Control Department

Plant Avenue, Bristol, RI , US, 02809

Department of Public Works

111 Mt. Hope Avenue, Bristol, RI , US, 02809

Department of Parks and Recreation

Burnside Building, Court Street, Bristol, RI , US, 02809

Mission:It is the mission of the Bristol Parks and Recreation Department to create, promote, and implement programs that reflect the recreational, and cultural diversity of the community; to maintain a beautiful Park and Playground system, to create ...