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ORAdba helps companies realize greater potential by aligning technology with core values and objectives. Utilizing existing technology, or upgrading to new technology solutions, ORAdba brings into clarity what works, and what doesn't, within an enterprise. In these fast-changing times, the mandate on corporate accountability has become the norm, rather than the exception. Delivering on brand-promise to stake holders and customers alike has never been more critical.

ORAdba's clear solutions and proven record of expertise reflect their ability to identify changes which streamline business processes — to fully realize the capabilities of a company's technology investment, thereby improving the bottom line. Our expert consultants are known throughout the industry as proven leaders in business best-practices, information value, executive planning, Oracle Applications, and leading edge technology. ORAdba has but one goal — to provide clear solutions that enable their client's success. Each consultation with ORAdba will result in a clear path to get your initiatives on track, and keep them there.

ORAdba offers a number of fixed scope and cost services designed to address manageability, stability and performance of Oracle Applications and technologies. Each of these is built upon their structured and proven methodology that ensures comprehensive analysis, clear and complete documentation, and a prioritized strategy for achieving goals. These services are a cost-effective way to ensure your system is capable of achieving corporate objectives and supporting the needs of your users. Additional customized service programs can be created to meet your specific requirements.